Tax loss due to a structured product allegedly acquired without the client’s order

Category Investment advice and asset management | Source Annual Report 2019/10

The client claimed that he was an investor who was willing to take only modest risks. He wanted to invest an account balance of several million US dollars in fiduciary

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Tax loss after conversion of an asset management mandate

Category Vermögensverwaltungsmandat | Source Annual Report 2019/11

The very elderly client with a foreign residence had for many years had an asset management mandate with a smaller bank that focused on business with wealthy private clients. A

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Loss due to failure of the custodian bank to pass on essential information

Category Stock exchange and custody accounts | Source Annual Report 2019/12

The bank informed the client of an offer to exchange a bond, which the client kept in his securities account with the bank. The client wanted to accept the offer,

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Credit card invoice with rounded centime amounts

Category Karten | Source Annual Report 2019/21

The customer was bothered by the fact that the centime amounts on his credit card bill were rounded to the nearest five centimes. He was of the opinion that nowhere

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Complaint about an online purchase of football tickets paid for with a credit card

Category Karten | Source Annual Report 2019/20

The customer had purchased tickets for a Premier League football match online via an English ticket platform and paid for them with a credit card issued by the bank. On

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