Early repayment fee in the event of early termination of a fixed-rate mortgage due to loss of confidence

Category Fixed-rate mortgage | Source Annual Report 2019/05

The customers had a fixed-rate mortgage with the bank and wanted to terminate it prematurely, as they claimed that a breach of banking secrecy had led to a loss of

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Market price in the event of forced closure of foreign exchange positions

Category Foreign exchange trading | Source Annual Report 2019/22

The client had a large number of foreign exchange positions in currency pairs at the bank, which were affected by a so-called “flash crash” on 2 January 2019, i.e. a

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Unsuccessful cancellation of a standing order

Category Payment transactions | Source Annual Report 2019/03

The customer was the owner of a company and had a conflict with an employee. The employee terminated her employment on a Thursday without notice. The following Friday, the customer

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Payment of insignificant interest when the account is balanced

Category Account / Savings account / Counter | Source Annual Report 2019/02

The customer balanced an account at the bank with an accrued interest balance of less than five francs. He had read reports in the consumer press that the bank had

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Refused account information

Category Account / Savings account / Counter | Source Annual Report 2019/01

The complainant claimed that she had opened an account in her name with a legal predecessor of the bank many years ago and that she had given her brother power

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