Early termination penalty in the event of the sale of condominium units

Category Fixed-rate mortgage | Source Annual Report 2017/04

The client owned a rental property comprising five rented apartments. In 2015, he took out a fixed-rate mortgage with the bank over ten years. One year later he informed the

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Withdrawal of pension assets (3a pension account)

Category Pension products | Source Annual Report 2017/20

The client requested the withdrawal of funds from his 3a pension account held with a bank pension foundation after proving his identity with a copy of a polling card and

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Payment to a fraudster abroad

Category Abuse and fraud | Source Annual Report 2017/10

The client booked an apartment abroad online. In the evening of the day of concluding the contract, she transferred a deposit of around 4000 EUR to the advertiser’s account, which

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Termination of the business relationship by the bank after mediation proceedings closed with the Ombudsman

Category Miscellaneous | Source Annual Report 2017/21

A client contacted the Ombudsman as he felt that the charge of 50 CHF deducted by the bank for cash withdrawals and payments made by debit card from his savings

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Automatic foreign currency balancing for debit positions

Category Stock exchange and custody accounts | Source Annual Report 2017/11

The client had been trading shares listed on the Hong Kong stock exchange since 2015. The foreign currency (HKD) debit positions resulting from the purchase transactions should have been balanced

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