Tax liabilities after tax advice given

Category Miscellaneous | Source Annual Report 2018/29

The customer requested a tax consultation from the bank. At said consultation, the tax deductibility of early repayment penalties on income tax was discussed. On the basis of said discussion,

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Consent to disclosure of data in General Terms and Conditions

Category Miscellaneous | Source Annual Report 2018/30

The customer received new General Terms and Conditions (“GTC”) from his bank and found that they contained a clause under which the customer granted a broad agreement to the disclosure

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Consideration of eligibility for a loan in accordance with the Swiss Consumer Credit Act

Category Miscellaneous | Source Annual Report 2017/22

Shortly after taking out a consumer loan with the bank, the client had some difficulty making the required monthly repayments. According to him, the bank made serious errors when reviewing

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Bank’s duty to provide information

Category Miscellaneous | Source Annual Report 2017/25

The clients accused the bank of not having informed them, when collecting coupons, about the fact that the fund unit certificates, kept at their home, should have been converted. The

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Foreign currency transfers between accounts with or without foreign exchange transactions

Category Miscellaneous | Source Annual Report 2017/27

The client, residing abroad, had a US dollar (USD) account and a pounds sterling (GBP) account with the bank. According to him, shortly before the vote on Brexit was held,

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