Compliance by the bank with court injunction in the absence of the client’s consent

Category Legitimation | Source Annual Report 2017/18

The client complained to the Ombudsman about the fact that the bank had submitted mortgage notes from his company’s custody account to the court, without sufficient legal grounds, and that

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No right to information or rights over the assets in a registered savings account without a valid certificate of inheritance

Category Legitimation | Source Annual Report 2017/16

The party submitting the request had an original savings passbook in the name of his aunt who died in 1984, held with a banking institution for whom the bank was

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Succession of a deceased account holder

Category Legitimation | Source Annual Report 2017/19

The ex-wife of a deceased account holder asked the Ombudsman to request that the bank pay her 50% of the assets deposited in an account opened in the deceased’s name.

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Rental deposit account

Category Legitimation | Source Annual Report 2017/17

The client held a rental deposit account with the bank. Having moved out of the apartment she was renting and for which a rental deposit of 3100 CHF had been

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