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Fees charged on a savings book

Category Charges and commissions | Source Annual Report 2018/17

The customer’s parents had opened a savings book for him many years earlier. This had been forgotten about. When it re-emerged, they handed the savings book to the customer who

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Freezing of assets in connection with the so-called Madoff Affair

Category Stock exchange and custody accounts | Source Annual Report 2018/16

The customer, represented by his lawyer, wished to terminate his business relationship with the bank. The latter withheld a six-figure sum however because it asserted a right of pledge over

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Right of information for heir of an economic beneficiary

Category Proof of identity | Source Annual Report 2018/23

The heir, represented by a lawyer, requested information about an account in the name of a company with its registered office abroad since the deceased party was an economic beneficiary

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Consent to disclosure of data in General Terms and Conditions

Category Miscellaneous | Source Annual Report 2018/30

The customer received new General Terms and Conditions (“GTC”) from his bank and found that they contained a clause under which the customer granted a broad agreement to the disclosure

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Tax liabilities after tax advice given

Category Miscellaneous | Source Annual Report 2018/29

The customer requested a tax consultation from the bank. At said consultation, the tax deductibility of early repayment penalties on income tax was discussed. On the basis of said discussion,

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