The Banking Ombudsman

  • The institution Swiss Banking Ombudsman took up its duties in April 1993. Since then the office is well established and deals with an increasing number of enquiries (currently about 2000 a year).
  • The Banking Ombudsman also runs a Central Claims Office for persons searching for dormant assets (Search for assets).
  • Marco Franchetti is the Banking Ombudsman since July 2013. He is supported by a multilingual team of lawyers, economists and banking specialists.

Independent mediation

  • The Banking Ombudsman deals with specific complaints which are raised against banks based in Switzerland.
  • The Banking Ombudsman is independent and neutral and he treats inquiries strictly confidential.
  • The mediation process is free of charge.

Swiss Banking Ombudsman Foundation

  • The office of the Swiss Banking Ombudsman is supported by the Swiss Banking Ombudsman Foundation.
  • The Board of the Foundation consists of independent public personalities.

What to do?

  • Please address your complaint initially to your bank and ask for a written response.
  • Is the bank's response unsatisfactory, please contact the Banking Ombudsman either orally or in writing.
  • Once a public authority is actively involved (e.g. a court, administrative body or prosecuting office), it is generally too late for the Banking Ombudsman to become active.
  • Please refer to the page Enquires for the detailed steps to follow.
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