The Banking Ombudsman

  • The institution Swiss Banking Ombudsman took up its duties in April 1993. Since then the office is well established and deals with an increasing number of enquiries (currently about 2000 a year).
  • The Banking Ombudsman also runs a Central Claims Office for persons searching for dormant assets.
  • Marco Franchetti is the actual Banking Ombudsman since July 2013. He is supported by a multilingual team of lawyers, economists and bankingspecialists.

Independent mediation

  • The Banking Ombudsman deals with specific complaints which are raised against banks based in Switzerland.
  • The Banking Ombudsman is independent and neutral and he treats inquiries strictly confidential.
  • The arbitration process is free of charge.

Swiss Banking Ombudsman Foundation

  • The office of the Swiss Banking Ombudsman is supported by the Swiss Banking Ombudsman Foundation.
  • The Board of the Foundation consists of independent public personalities.
  • President of the Foundation is Annemarie Huber-Hotz, Dr. h.c. and former Federal Chancellor.

What to do?

  • Please address your complaint initially to your bank and ask for a written response.
  • Is the bank's response unsatisfactory, please contact either orally or in writing to the Banking Ombudsman.
  • Once a public authority is actively involved (e.g. a court, administrative body or prosecuting office), it is generally too late for the Banking Ombudsman to become active.
  • Please refer to the page Enquires for the detailed steps to follow.

The role of the banking ombudsman: non-binding arbitrator or judge?

May 10th, 2013

To mark this year’s 20th anniversary of the creation of the Swiss Banking Ombudsman Foundation, the Foundation Board commissioned a study designed to analyse the current concept and compare it

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Selected Cases (D/F)

Doppelte Ausführung eines Zahlungsauftrages: Vorgehen, wenn der Zahlungsempfänger die Rückzahlung verweigert

Jul 3rd, 2012

Der Kunde unterstützt seit Jahren eine Familie in Indonesien. Er hat die Bank beauftragt, jeden Monat den Gegenwert von CHF 200 auf das Bankkonto der Familie in Indonesien zu überweisen.

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Jun 12th, 2013

Communications from the Banking Ombudsman are usually available in German and French only.